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LimeFX Review


LimeFX Review

However, you should know that trading in Forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and other assets can be risky, trading only with an amount of money that you can afford to lose. Get yourself informed with content that they continually provide such as short video clips, webinars, or be interactive in their Investors’ marketplace where a community of investment experts gathers. Due to the licenses acquired from multiple regulators, LimeFX is considered safe by professional and casual traders alike.

Frequent and professional traders must always make it a point to review their current broker’s capabilities and shortcomings as well. And if you are outgrowing your current broker and is ready to up your game in this arena, then LimeFX naturally is the next step. They also provide on-demand learning, called Traders’ University. This includes courses, on-demand webinars, interactive tours, and IB Traders Insight, which provides commentary from leading experts.

#5 LimeFX

If you are not a high-volume trader, the complexity and depth that LimeFX offers is simply not necessary. You will not need the real time information or order routing optimization of this software to occasionally update your index funds or tweak your speculative assets. LimeFX offers one of the many attractive active trading platforms with low price fees per share.

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Once you have this data in hand, you can use it to build highly complex conditional trades, as the TWS supports multi-step orders and conditional orders based on a vast array of factors. You can set a purchase order to trigger around trading volume, for example, or a sale to trigger if your asset hits a certain volatility. The range of both conditional order types and the data triggers they support is beyond what most Currency transaction tax platforms offer. LimeFX is a full-featured investment platform that has traditionally been built for professional and institutional investors. Although in the past two years it has introduced a Lite brand aimed at the retail investment crowd, the truth is that this remains a very sophisticated product. So if you’re a sophisticated investor of just about any stripe, LimeFX is probably for you.

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Trading Platform

The leverage is considerable with several assets to choose. Above all the broker uses tools or features that are compatible with several browsers. The diversity in browser usage makes it accessible in any corner of the universe. Whether one is on phone, they can use the platform to transact. It also employs trading robots that are data sensitive and tested.

Through the apps, clients can stream data, can chart tools, and can place even the most complex trades from a mobile device. Mobile users who are always on-the-go will find that there are no limitations on their ability to use the app from the palm of their hand for they have access to over 120 worldwide markets. While LimeFX is yet to be known for its IBKR Lite platform, it surely is way ahead in the industry with low-cost trading fees for professionals . Through the Trader Workstation platform, LimeFX offers excellent tools and a voluminous selection of tradable securities. LimeFX charges inactivity fees, which when combined with the high minimum opening balance can make trading rather costly for infrequent traders.

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Account-holders have various options to access LimeFX’ order panel in the client portal, even through mobile if you are on-the-go and want to get updates from your account, or at home with your desktop trader workstation . But if you are a beginner trader who is getting through the learning curve of trading and is conscious of inactivity fees, US clients may opt to choose IBKR Lite as they do not charge inactivity fee for that account. Its latest offering, BKR Lite, offers commission-free ETFs and trades of stocks that are suitable for casual investors. LimeFX offers the same trading tools you have at your desktop on their app. You can create option spreads, enter orders, and access quotes and research, all on the app. Non-Trading/Other Fees – Any form of fee for trading on this platform not covered above.

However, if you’re just getting started in investing or want fairly low maintenance investing solution, then the steep learning curve of their stock trading platform may be too much for you. Since there are so many products to invest in LimeFX, the TWS may seem overwhelming to first-time users. Traders might want to consider using their HTML based trading platform called IB WebTrader which may be less intimidating to use. Within this trading platform, you can also access research news and market data. Portfolio margin accounts – Allows professional traders with hedged portfolios to benefit from the least requirements and great leverage, though, foreign accounts may not qualify.

The minimum qualifying deposit to receive a cash bonus is $10,000. Accounts will be reviewed 60 days after account opening to determine the total qualifying deposit. Corresponding cash bonus will be credited to the account within 10 business days. Once the bonus is credited to the account, the bonus and qualifying deposit is not available for withdrawal for 300 days. If the qualifying deposit is withdrawn, the bonus may be revoked.

Traders can also access an options strategy lab to compare strategies as well as create and submit simple and complex multi-leg options. For Spot Forex Trades and Forex CFD, InteractiveBrokers charges a tiered commission based on their combined Monthly Trade Value. It is important to note that commissions for forex trades on IB are calculated based off of the scammed by limefx trade value – after which they are then converted to the base currency. If your account has less than $2,000 account balance and does not generate $20 or more in commissions, an inactivity fee of $20 per month will be charged. In addition, $10 will be charged for an account with a balance between $2,000 to $100,000 if no trade was made in a given month.

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LimeFX provides a debit card with all standard accounts . This allows you to charge against your cash balance or even your margin account if you meet the margin requirements. This free research offers plenty of insight for trading stocks and ETFs.

LimeFX forex brokers reviews

A financial advisor can help you decide what type of platform is best for your financial strategy and tactics as well as developing realistic financial goals. For long-term investors LimeFX is ideal if you are a self-directed, experienced, and active trader who takes trading beyond general long-term stock and bond investing. On the other hand, tiered pricing is a model frequent traders can also take advantage which can be as low as $0.0005 per share when you trade more than 100 million shares per month, not inclusive of exchange, regulatory, or clearing fees. LimeFX is apparently among the top-recommended brokerage firms for this review and a top choice for local and international traders alike who are looking to take part in the U.S. stock and options markets. The goal is for this to be a place where they can do business together talk about information on the brokerage’s performance including its systems, customer service, and other stuff in relation to stock trading and other financial instruments.

This pricing structure holds true for all asset classes supported by LimeFX, with different specific price points for any given asset, plan and location. Inactivity Fees – Any fees that the broker charges you for not trading, such as for keeping money in a brokerage account. All information on is presented without warranty. InvestmentZen has financial relationships with some of the products and services mentioned and may be compensated if consumers choose to sign up for products through links in our content. However, the analysis and opinions offered are 100% independent and our top priority is editorial objectivity.

Here we’ll share our experiences with different brokers and let you know which ones we recommend based on our research and first-hand experience using their services. Infintix is the UK’s leading discount brokerage offering a wide range of accounts. It exposes its customers to various market segments and platforms. limefx broker reviews It is an excellent choice for traders residing in the UK as well as international users opting to trade in the European stock exchanges. Infintix is a stand-alone broker when it comes to services, pricing, reliability, and usage. The platform offers unique brokerage, secure and competitive services.

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  • You’ll have to understand the application programming interface, though, which may exclude certain investors.
  • Whether you prefer phone contact or chatting online, IB’s customer service representatives are available around the clock, Monday through Friday.
  • Through the apps, clients can stream data, can chart tools, and can place even the most complex trades from a mobile device.
  • Once you log in, you can create different workspaces that allow you to look at different data and execute trades.

That means you have to have executed at least 100 trades or 100 simulated trades using their demo software. Users will also need to meet the minimum equity deposits and must have liquid net assets of $20,000. Instead of charging by the trade, they charge by share and have minimum monthly commissions. IB has been in operation for 30 years and hold over $5 billion in equity capital. Invest in StocksInvest in stocks with Ally Invest, a CreditDonkey recommended partner.

With this plan, traders will have access to investing in numerous financial products such, as but not limited to, Stocks, Options, Futures, Foreign Exchange, and Exchange Traded Funds. For example, a U.S. investors trading on U.S. markets might choose a fixed price plan with which to trade stocks. In this case they would pay $0.005 per share traded, with a minimum price of $1 per order and a maximum price of 1% of the transaction’s overall value. In this InteractiveBrokers review, we will walk you through the wide range of investment products that IB has to offer.

IB WebTrader gives you the ability to quickly logging in and be able to fill the need for placing a trade. Once you log in, you can create different workspaces that allow you to look at different data and execute trades. Some of the tools you can access include advanced charting, paper trading, mutual fund replicator, volatility lab.

LimeFX forex brokers reviews

For traders who hold an IBKR Lite account, LimeFX offers commission-free ETFs and unlimited trades on US exchange-listed stocks. LimeFX also offers a variety of different account types, including cash, margin, and portfolio accounts, helping to lure in many different Stock catalyst types of investors. Could be challenging to trading newbies LimeFX basically offers a professional-style trading environment for traders. New traders will find it a bit difficult to use their platforms but once some experience has been attained, it becomes a breeze.

Brokeraware Rank: #7

IBKR Lite charges the same low costs as IBKR Pro users if you want to trade other asset classes such as Options, Futures, Mutual Funds, Fixed Income, and more. The amount of money that an investor borrows from LimeFX to buy securities is referred to as the Margin Loan. The Margin Requirement is the minimum amount that a client must deposit and it is used to express the current market value’s percentage.

With that significant amount of transactions, LimeFX is able to provide its clients with the lowest margin rates. With its low fees and myriad of options, those with a considerable sum to invest will see that this is one of the best brokerage firms locally and internationally. Investors’ Marketplaces is a structured, interactive, and rigorously limefx website designed curriculum with financial professionals, investors, educators, and students in mind. Investors’ Marketplace is a place where third-party service providers can interact with investors and clients. LimeFX’ traders can log into the Client Portal which is web-based, but Trader Workstation is LimeFX’ forerunner platform.

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